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Google Paid Advertising

Are you looking for a way to increase your online visibility and reach more potential customers? Google Paid Advertising is one of the most effective ways to do this – especially if you are a new brand or business. As owner of Dezign Digital, a digital marketing company in Perth & Adelaide, I understand how important it is to get noticed by potential clients. That’s why I’m here to tell you about all the benefits that come from utilising Google paid advertising services.

Google Paid Advertising is incredibly helpful when utilised correctly. It provides businesses access to millions of people actively searching for products or services like yours. With targeted ads, you can put yourself directly into the minds of those most likely interested in what you have to offer. This leads to higher conversion rates and increased sales opportunities – making this form of advertising well worth its cost!

So if you want your business to stand out and draw attention from new audiences, look no further than Google Paid Advertising!

Google Pay Per Click (PPC)

The power of Google Ads is no secret. As a leading Google Ads Agency Perth, Western Australia, Dezign Digital has been helping clients make the most of their PPC Management efforts with our comprehensive AdWords Management services for years. We have seen firsthand how this powerful tool can help businesses reach potential customers and drive conversions. At Dezign Digital we have the runs on the board. We have personally taken a company from $2.5 million to $12.5 million dollars in 18 months, with the bulk of leads being from Google Ads. 

From keyword research to budget optimisation, we cover all aspects of successful campaigns. Whether you’re seeking assistance with Google AdWords or Facebook Advertising in Perth, Instagram Advertising or Local SEO Expert Agency Services, Dezign Digital will provide creative solutions that meet your goals. Our team takes an analytical approach to ensure maximum ROI on every campaign by leveraging data-driven insights into user behaviour. Data drives us and your campaign, enabling us to pivot fast with different customer trends.  With Dezign Digital at the helm, you can rest assured that your digital marketing efforts will be effective and efficient – delivering the best results possible!

Facebook Pay Per Click (PPC)

The right tool for the right job.  Facebook (and Instagram) PPC is also an incredibly powerful tool for any business – it just depends on your business or product. It can be leveraged to reach potential customers (new audiences) and grow your customer base exponentially. At Dezign Digital, we specialise in creating effective Facebook Ad Campaigns to help you get the most out of your social media marketing efforts. We understand the importance of developing a strong Call To Action (CTA) with graphically designed creatives and UI/UX design services for a successful ad campaign.  Dezign Digital are what the industry calls “Full Stack”. We have extensive experience in website development, social media management, and web development. Our team has worked with some of Perth’s leading businesses on their digital presence and are considered experts in social media advertising by many. With our knowledge of Facebook ads, we can create campaigns tailored to meet your specific goals, such as increasing leads or growing brand awareness. Additionally, our Google Paid Advertising Help services ensure that clients receive optimal PPC campaign results.

Google Partner

What is a Google Partner? Well, let me break it down for you. First, being a Google Partner means that our business has been certified by Google to demonstrate expertise in advertising with the search engine giant. This certification helps show potential customers and clients that your company knows what they’re doing regarding paid advertising on Google.

At Dezign Digital, we are proud to be recognised as an official Google Partner here in Perth and Adelaide – meaning that our digital marketing professionals have met and exceeded the criteria set out by Google for displaying proficiency in both AdWords & Analytics. As such, this gives us access to exclusive resources provided by Google, which help us improve our campaigns and better meet the needs of our clients. We also receive direct support from highly experienced representatives at Google who can provide advice tailored specifically towards our brand – allowing us to create truly amazing adverts targeting specific keywords like “SEO Services Perth” or “Digital Marketing Agency Fremantle”.

Partnering up with a professional agency like Dezign Digital can give you the edge over your competition and ensure your website stands out from the crowd! With years of experience working with some of Perth’s leading businesses, there’s no one better placed than us to ensure your online presence gets noticed. So if you’re looking for proven results delivered quickly and efficiently – look no further than Dezign Digital!


As a digital marketing company in Perth & Adelaide, Australia, we at Dezign Digital understand the importance of paying for online advertising to stay competitive. We understand that you are spending your hard-earned money and want a return.  We have seen that utilising Google PPC and Facebook PPC are effective ways to draw attention to your business and your goals. Additionally, enlisting the help of a Google Partner can be crucial to success when running paid campaigns. The most important factor is understanding how these tools work together and using them correctly to get the best results from your budget.

It’s been proven time and again that businesses who invest in paid ads see an average return on investment of $2 for every dollar spent! That’s why at Dezign Digital, we believe it pays off to invest in paid advertising – literally!

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