Why Do You Need a Marketing Agency to Manage Your Social Media Ads 

Facebook and Instagram have made it simpler for brands to set up ads. You could get started directly from your account and try to follow the instructions on the screen. The issue is if your ads aren’t performing well, you may need some professional help. 

Dezign Digital is the Number 1 social media marketing agency in Perth and Adelaide with a wide range of social media services, including content creation, web development, digital marketing, branding, Facebook, and Instagram ads services in Perth. With seasoned experts and a customer-centric personalised service, no one can help your social media game better than Dezign Digital. 

Why You Should Go To A Professional Social Media Agency to Set Up Ads 

Here are four reasons why you should only rely on the experts to set up ads on social media: 

1. Finding the Right Audience 

When creating an ad campaign on Instagram or Facebook, you have three options – you let them automatically target your audience based on your follower list, geo-target people in a specific region, or set it up manually.  

Paid ads are used to expand your reach and meet new customers. Unfortunately (or fortunately) on social media you can’t control who follows you. Sometimes people follow you just to get a follow back – these people aren’t your customers, and this affects Facebook/Instagram’s audience targeting algorithm.  

Geo-targeting local audiences? Let’s assume you have a plumbing service – is it best to geo-target everyone in the metropolitan area? What about metrics relating to age, gender, income level, etc.  

At Dezign Digital we believe the only effective option is manual targeting. You can adjust the settings and specifically target the interested customers of your service/business. At Dezign Digital we understand your product and intended market to help you find your perfect target audience.  

Book a consultation with us today to find your target audience. 

2. Platform Selection 

Once you know your target audience, choosing the right platform to target them is essential. For example, if your target audience is working professionals, LinkedIn may be a much better platform for your ads than TikTok. 

Similarly suppose your target audience is teenagers. In that case Instagram may be a better platform for you than Facebook because, according to recent reports, only 32% of teenagers worldwide use Facebook, whereas 62% of teenagers are on Instagram. 

These days the majority of people are on one or more social media platforms. Dezign Digital’s Social Media Management agency will perform the research and find out which platform the bulk of your target audience resides. Using this data we will obtain a higher return on investment, saving you money overall. 

Our social media servicescan help you target the right customers by their likes, dislikes, goals, preferences, needs, etc. This way you not only know where to find them, but you will also know the best way to interact with them. 

3. Catching User Attention 

Once you know your target audience and their likes and dislikes, an expert Social Media Management agency can grab their attention and assist to convince them to click on your ad.  

Our expert content creation team creates ads that are both creative and user-friendly with a strong call to action. The trick is to offer them a product with a low barrier to enter your services that they cannot easily refuse. Whether its video ads or image ads, every visual element, every word, and every letter makes a difference, so let us help you make the right choices with them. 

4. Retaining Interested Users 

The biggest goal of any social media marketing agency in Perth is to reach a new audience with every ad, so we can convert and retain them. However, what good is reaching a thousand new customers if none of them do business with you? 

Our social media experts help you create the perfect ad for interested users so that they not only click on your ads but also follow through the entire path, checking out your brand, product and even contacting you for your services.  

We also ensure that the hype we create with the ad is maintained throughout the landing pages. 

Bottom Line 

Social media ads are the most important digital marketing tools in today’s times. While regular posts help maintain consistent customer interaction, paid ads give you the much-needed breakthrough into new audiences. 

If you are still trying to figure out where to start, simply check our previous workand contact our team to get the best out of our Facebook and Instagram ads services in Perth.