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Videos are now undoubtedly one of the most essential elements of digital marketing. With the advent of Instagram and TikTok, short video content has become the new fad and almost every major social media platform is now adjusting their platforms and leaning towards it. Whether it’s Instagram reels or YouTube shorts, videos are now a vital marketing tool.

But with so many brands trying to win over the same audience, regular video content won’t do. We are even seeing Google starting to make moves with its search algorithm to preference the importance of this form of content. At  Dezign Digital, we have the experience behind us to create exciting video content to capture your audience with our professional video production experts. 

Our team of content development experts have (we believe) unmatched skills, proven experience, and mind bustling with creativity like no other Digital Agency.
Want the world to stop and take a look at your brand videos? We’ve got you covered. 
Video Production Company, Perth Australia

What We Offer

Like all other digital marketing, we believe that video content is just one tool in a total 360-degree marketing strategy. Knowing this, here is a quick breakdown of what our video production service covers:

Video Brand Consultation

Even before we start picking a video topic or begin to record, our first step will be to understand your brand and messaging better. Next, we collaborate with you to creatively find the purpose and goal of your video campaign. Are you trying to build your brand? Your reputation? Get more sales? Reach new people? Understanding your goals is the first step to a successful video campaign. 

Finally, together we determine the position your brand wants to hold in the market and design our approach accordingly. For instance, retail business videos will not have the same approach as service-based businesses. 

Don’t worry if it all seems too overwhelming. This is what our brand and video content specialists are here to help you with. So, let’s get started with a Dezign Digital quick brand consultation today!

Pre-Shoot Video Strategy

Next on the table are some pre-shoot strategies to plan out how exactly the video will flow. Our video production specialists will hold special consultations right up to the shoot to help you and your business develop essential strategies to maximise impact and also help you stick to the timeline and produce the finest content on a fixed budget.

Video Editing & Graphics

Once your video is shot and ready, there are a few more steps before we finally get to publish it online. We know that live content is strikingly different from the raw data. But as a brand, a simple Instagram filter won’t do. We need our expert video editors to give it a professional makeover and commercial feel. 

Our video post-production services cover editing, graphics, colour-grading and even callouts. So just hand us the raw footage and we will make sure it’s ready to drop jaws.

Our Video Production Service Covers

● 2–3-hour shoot videos for TV or any other platform of your choice 

● 3-5 minute long videos for YouTube or Facebook

● 15 to 30 second long reels or YouTube Shorts for content marketing 

● 15 to 20 second long videos for social media advertising

Join the Digital Revolution Today!

The best thing about videos is that they buy you way more time with your users compared to pictures. This means you have more opportunities to win over your target audience and show them how you can transform their business problem. Contact Dezign Digital today if you are unsure how to make your video content stand apart. We always have your back from the first strategy to the finishing touch! 
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