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There are many many ways to do Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). SEO has many different pillars e.g. organic, technical, social media marketing, content etc. It’s all about the hard work that digital marketing companies do in a complete 360-degree strategy to get you, your brand, and your business on the first page of Google.

They do it by ranking for specific ‘keywords’ that are relevant to your business.
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Content Writing

Creating quality content and blogs may seem easy (especially with ChatGPT), although let me tell you – it is!
Today content and blogs are one of the best tools for search engine optimisation if you follow our guidelines.

1. The magic word count for search engines is above 500 words.
2. Think about the keywords you would type into Google that you would want to display services.
3. Use these keywords throughout the page to perform some SEO ‘magic.

We see many websites missing out on these opportunities and some even turn a good blog post into a Google penalty without realising it.

To ensure you don’t make the same mistakes, collaborate with our expert team of content developers at  Dezign Digital.
Our experienced team of writers, SEO specialists and digital marketing experts know just the right words to say to turn your first-time visitors into your biggest fans.

Long-Tail Keywords 

“What’s this?”— we can hear you thinking!

Long-tail keywords are longer and more specific keywords or key phrases. 

Here are some comparisons to help you understand:

  • The term ‘SEO’ on its own is a short-tail keyword. You’ll most likely get random search results using this term in a search.
  • ‘Organic SEO’ is a mid-tail keyword that will give clearer results.
  • ‘Organic SEO Perth’ is what we refer to as a long-tail keyword that gives you specific search intent results that are much more helpful.

Long-format content is between 700-1200 words and is great for your SEO. Dezign Digital embeds long-tail keywords in all your blogs and content to go a step further for you. It’s better to start ranking on long-tail keywords owing to the lower competition in this space.

Another reason we use long-tail keywords is to narrow your audience and only reach those interested in the topic. Google calls this ‘user search intent’. It will reduce your website’s bounce rate, which will further help you increase your SERP (Search Engine Results Page) ranks.

In a similar example, let’s assume your topic is ‘DIY Hacks for SEO’, and you are trying to rank on the keyword ‘SEO’. In that case, you’re also targeting several other topics with the same keyword. On the other hand, if your keyword is ‘SEO content writing Perth’, your niche is narrowed, and you only reach interested users.

Our comprehensive organic SEO services in Perth also include extensive keyword research, helping you discover the current hot trends and keywords to rank on top and surpass your competitors.

Pictures & Infographics

Especially if you’re talking social media, as humans we are now programmed for the endless scroll. You need something to jump out and grab attention. The most significant benefit of using pictures and infographics is it makes the reader engage with your content which drives up user retention—all positive factors for search engine optimisation.

For websites, the right images with the right ‘alt text’ will make it easier for your content to get crawled and indexed under the right section. This means that even if your target user is browsing through the image results, you will show up as one of their first options.

What about video content? Yes this is awesome and well worth the money invested.

Do you want to plan your content the right way and draw in more users? Our SEO agency has the perfect solution for you. Reach out to us, and let’s create the best visuals for your website together.

Relevant Internal & External Links 

The best part about writing long-format content is that we have so much scope to add other elements to keep your users hooked. For starters, we can incorporate at least two to four internal and external links to build ‘authority.’

We can go for internal links or links to blog posts of your own so that once the user is done reading a topic, they can move on to the other and stay on your website.

The other option is external linking, where we link to other authority websites. These links will help the search engine decide your content’s relevance and quality, ultimately affecting your ranking.

We have you covered if you are new to internal and external linking. Our SEO experts know the right way to help you raise your SERP rankings and expose you to the broadest range of audiences.

Get Started Today! 

Blog posts are a great long-term investment in digital marketing. They form one part of a great 360-degree SEO strategy and continue to work on your website to keep drawing in leads for as long as they are live. So why not invest more time in your blogs and turn them into lead goldmines to grow your business?All you will need is our affordable SEO services helmed by our SEO specialists to impress the search engines, climb up the SERP rankings and reach out to SEO agency to target audiences before your competitors can.
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