Meet the Team

Professional. Experienced. Seasoned. Disciplined.
Anthony Raspa | Dezign Digital Owner, Perth

Anthony Raspa

Commercially aware, results driven and old school developer. With 30 years of defining and delivering continuous improvement in operations, change, projects, service delivery and strategic initiatives across a range of specialties, including large infrastructure, mining, utility and health environments. IT, AV, Web, or SEO – we can call out any BS.

Dezign Digital is a little different, we are data driven, which means we make data informed decisions to ensure the absolute best outcomes for our customers. Dezign Digital doesn’t use templates, we only ever graphically design and develop from scratch. Digital Marketing is our niche. With a fantastic close-knit team that are truly experts in their field, we will always go the extra mile!

Geoff Lawson

As a computer science graduate, Geoff is passionate about solving technical puzzles and problems. Geoff brings a unique combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Geoff has a strong understanding of various programming languages, including Java, Python, and C++, and has honed his skills in web development using technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This combination of skills and hands-on experience has equipped him with the ability to adapt to new technologies and tackle complex technical challenges quickly.
Musa Ahmad | UI/UX Designer

Musa Ahmed

As a designer and developer my specialities include UI/UX analysis, web development, web flow designing, and creation of custom identities, but really, I’m an expert at bringing the pretty. I create simple, although eye-catching and highly scalable websites from scratch with a focus on information availability.

If you have an idea about creating a digital product but don`t know how to make a visual style, don’t worry, Dezign Digital will turn it into reality.

We will design the logo, presentation, and can help to choose a font pair or brand colours to make your business rise above the competition.

Naim Khan

I am Google Analytics and AdWords certified and together with multiple organisations I have developed search strategies for the past 12 years!

At Dezign Digital, we continue implementing Digital Marketing strategies for businesses and brands – backing this up by gaining industry certification with Google.

Getting a Google Partner’s Badge is a proud moment for our Company and shows our expertise in the area. Working with the Dezign Digital team is like working with family. The whole team’s mission is always to help accelerate growth in our client’s businesses.
Carlie Harris | Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing Experts

Carlie Harris

As a Digital Marketing Maverick, Social Media Sensei, Project Management Prodigy, and an all-around multi-skilled individual with a decade of hands-on experience, I have a proven track record of driving revenue for both large and small companies. My journey is fueled by passion, creativity, and a touch of caffeinated inspiration. Let’s craft some social media magic and make waves in the digital realm!
Nova Dog | Chief Happiness Officer at Dezign Digital

Nova Dog

Nova the office cavoodle, is the Chief Happiness Officer (CHO) at Dezign Digital. With her wagging tail and love for belly rubs, she keeps the team’s spirits high and stress levels low. Nova’s daily duties include greeting guests, providing emotional support, and keeping Anthony’s feet warm during long coding or marketing strategy sessions. She’s also a fierce competitor, holding the office record for the most tennis balls caught in a minute. When she’s not barking at the mailman or begging for treats, Nova loves snuggling up next to her human colleagues and spreading joy throughout the office.

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