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Pay Per Click

Paid Advertising (or sometimes called Pay per Click) is a must-have strategy for every brand that wants to stand out from the competition. There is no doubt that Organic SEO is a very beneficial long-term strategy, but if you need an instant boost only paid ads crafted by the best Google AdWords Specialists can come to your rescue. Paid ads should be used as part of a total 360-degree marketing strategy that Dezign Digital can set out for you.

When your brand or business is new, think outside the box and that’s where Google Ads and AdWords Management Services come in.
Paid Advertising and Pay Per Click Company Australia

Dezign Digital offers smart advertising solutions

In today’s modern age, customers rely on search engines and social media platforms for product research. Dezign Digital offers innovative advertising solutions to help you accomplish your marketing goals and boost your overall reach and conversion rate. As a Google Partner, our ad Agency specialists use new generation tools and techniques to generate effective paid advertising campaigns. Dezign Digital identifies your target group online and promotes your business to receive maximum exposure to your target audience.

Dezign Digital understands that paid advertising is your hard-earned money. We are different and DO NOT charge commissions on top of your advertising spending.
We recognise as a new business your outcome is higher sales, higher brand awareness and higher revenue for your pocket.

Ad Keyword Research

Ad keyword Research is the first step towards any effective search engine marketing strategy. We screen thousands of potential keywords to find the most profitable set of keywords for you.

Our focus lies in finding keywords for ad’s that have:

  • High search volume
  • Moderate competition
  • High conversion rate
  • Relevant & evergreen to you and your industry

We discover which ad keywords are popular among your target audience so that we can position you right before your customers.

Competitor analysis

Here at Dezign Digital use a range of research and analytical tools to keep an eye on your competitors.

We check:

  • The keywords they are bidding on
  • The price they are offering
  • Their bidding frequency
  • Traffic destination

Using this information, we plan out an Ad campaign that will give you leverage over your competitors.

Service across multiple search engines

We extend our services across the biggest search engines in the world, including Google, Bing, Facebook, etc. Google has registered over 86% of the search market share, making it the biggest search engine globally. Facebook also gets more than 2 billion searches a day. But what about Microsoft BING and others?

Our qualified Ad specialists help you gain higher visibility in search engine results. We also help you increase your reach to conversion ratio at a reasonable cost per conversion rate.

Optimising bids

Bids are the most crucial step of any ad campaign that decides the level of exposure and reach your brand will get. With extensive research and new-age strategies, we optimise your bid management and make sure you also arent spending your money on negative keywords.

We focus on getting you:

  • Maximum exposure
  • Higher impressions
  • Higher clicks
  • Maximising profits

We do all the hard work on your behalf so that you can reap the benefits of massive traffic and brand-new leads.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

If you really want your brand to grow exponentially, you need to spread your marketing efforts to all possible channels, including social media marketing.

But with tons of existing brands fighting to get your user’s attention, standing out requires more than just social media advertising. 

You need a full-fledged strategy from our Social Media Marketing Agency that builds an empire of loyal social media fans and brand awareness.

Content curation

We have a pool of talented designers who curate eye-catching and engaging SEO-optimised content for your Ad campaign. 

We also help you choose the right type of content and ad type to maximise your results.

Ad placement

Quality advertisements can only reap your desired results if they are positioned before the right audience. We help you select the ideal audience filters for your ads in collaboration with the respective social media platform. We analyse demographic data, past interaction, geographical location, and several other customer-related data to target your ideal customer base.

Cost management

Budgeting is an essential component of launching an Ad campaign. With years of industry experience, we help you choose the right plans and budget. Our primary aim is to maximise your return on investment and assist you in generating new leads.

Analysis and Measurement

Performance analysis is critical for developing future advertising strategies. We take the load off your hands and help you evaluate your current paid advertising campaigns, then utilise the data to design future campaigns that are much more efficient.

DATA DATA DATA – what are the analytics saying and where do we need to pivot to give you more?

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