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If you have a business, there’s an extremely high chance you have also put your company on a social media platform to reach out to your target audience affordably. As a Director, are you still doing this manually yourself?

The first thing you’ll need to do to stay on top of the game is to automate as many processes as possible. The competition is fierce and you cannot afford to waste time on tasks that take your time away from core skills or your competitors may rush past you in the blink of an eye.

Dezign Digital is a Social Media Management (SMM) Agency in Australia specialising in automating major social media processes to save time and money. With years of experience, hundreds of ready strategies, comprehensive SMM services and the right connections, our social media experts can take your business to a new level.
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How We Use Social Media Automation to Grow Your Business

Here are four important automations that we cover in our SMM services:

Automated Headline Analyser

You might already know what it takes to create the perfect SEO-friendly headline with a stunning Call to Action. But it still helps to have an AI (artificial intelligence) powered tool to point out your mistakes so that you post nothing less than perfection.

Along with insights from our SEO experts, we use several automated headline analyser tools to check if your headline is of the right length, readable and SEO-friendly or not. On top of that, it will also fix your capitalisation issues so that you don’t leave a bad impression on your users with poor grammar.

DO NOT use AI for content, there is still no substitute for this to get a good Google score. Reach out to our social management agency and work with our writers and SEO experts.

Automated Link Optimiser

Pasting the original URL of a page on your post might not be a good idea. It will not only ruin the visual harmony of the post, but many social media platforms have a limit on how long the URL can be. That’s why we use automated tools to shorten links or create custom links for branding purposes. These tools also get us advanced link tracking and analytics to see who clicked on your link and how many times.

Drop a message to our social media marketers, and we will show you the best tricks to get more click-throughs on your link.

Scheduling Automation

Growing on social media requires posting multiple times. It’s impossible (or sustainable) for you to log onto your social media accounts individually and post around the clock. Not only does this take up an extraordinary amount of time, but it can also mess up your post timings.

Did you know there are times to post to maximise people viewing your content? To fix these issues we recommend automated scheduling with optimised posting times for each platform. Once your content is ready to go live, our social media experts ensure that they all go out in time, automatically even if you are offline.

Reach out to our social management agency so you never have to worry about your social channels again.

Automation Brand Mention Alerts

If you want your brand to grow, start by taking feedback on your posts and monitoring how your users feel about them. While you get the most significant number of responses directly on your post, it will only be possible to manually find other reactions to your brand through a different posts.

To synchronise every conversation about your brand, we recommend automated brand mention alerts so that you are always aware, no matter what platform your brand is being discussed on.

Even if something goes wrong, our reputation management experts will get you back in the game in no time.

Get Your Account Automated Today

Time and effort for social media marketing may seem like one of the bigger challenges you will face in your business. Dezign Digital will make it simple for you. All you need is the right set of tools and a tailor made 360-degree strategy from our social media experts in Perth. Once the leads and sales start pouring in, you will realise that choosing a professional social media management agency in Perth was the best thing you did for your business.
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