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Google is the largest search engine in the world, with a market share of over 92% of all searches. This means any brand trying to level up its business should be working with Google and its services.

Although these days with so much competition, establishing your presence on Google is in the detail and now requires specifically skilled experts.

Do you want to put your business on a rising trend with the help of Google? Dezign Digital is the place to go. Being a recognised Google partner, our digital marketing experts specialise in every aspect of business services on Google. We can simplify your Google journey and help you realise your goals quickly.
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Google Services to Power-Up Your Business

Looking for the quickest and safest way to create an impressive business presence on Google? 

Here is our Secret 3 step tried & tested formula:



One of the first steps to developing an impeccable brand presence on Google is content development. Google is a content-based search engine, meaning that for any business to rank on search results, it must create quality and unique content. Creating content for Google is not as easy as typing and pouring your thoughts on paper; there are quite a few technicalities involved, such as:

  • Content quality on Google is evaluated by the value you add to your users. The longer you can make them stay on your website, the better your website visibility.
  • Write at least five hundred words. This will indicate to Google that your website is genuinely adding value to the search engine.
  • Give equal importance to visual content as they are the most effective in grabbing your users attention and improving your search engine rankings. You can do this by inserting a fair number of images and infographics into your blogs.

Google Partner Ads Agency

Content development and keyword research are two of the most important steps in increasing your brand visibility. Now considering the steep competition on Google, it is an uphill task to surpass existing brands without a little extra planning courtesy of search engine optimisation. Remember although there are billions of websites on Google, not all of them meet Google standards. If you can optimise your content and website according to the strict Google guidelines, you have a better chance of ranking. A few ways to do that is:

  • Use adequate keywords
  • Optimise the website for mobile devices
  • Get backlinks from authority websites
  • Improve readability and user retention rate
  • Add alt tag for images

The list of SEO-friendly practices goes on, primarily because Google’s algorithm is constantly evolving. If you want to simplify SEO for your business, let our SEO experts be your friends in this venture.

Google Advertising

You may be wondering if all this is a standard process of establishing a brand on Google, what can you do that’s different to give you an edge? 

Consider Google advertising! When the competition is as fierce as today, you must leverage any tools you can to gain an edge over your competitors. Finding the right keywords, placing the right bids, and optimising them can lead to successful paid advertising campaigns, which will ultimately help you create a successful business. If you do not know where to start with Google advertising, let us take the reins. Our Google advertising experts will help you get the maximum ROI on your ad budget while keeping your businesses aligned with your vision. 

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Bottom Line

Currently, there are close to 1.88 billion websites on Google. Let’s leave out 20-30% of those considering them to be personal blogs. The competition is not for the faint-hearted. With numbers like these, establishing your own brand on Google may seem intimidating. That’s why we at Dezign Digital have designed a full-proof Google business success process.

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