Proven Strategies to Nail Google Advertising

5 Proven Strategies to Nail Google Advertising

Google ads automatically place your website at the top of every search result for your targeted keyword, providing your brand with a much wider exposure from your target market. However even after working hard on Google ad campaigns, you might need to reconsider your strategy if you’re paying your hard earned money and not reaping any results.

Today we will share five proven strategies that can supercharge your google advertising game at no additional cost.

Since Google advertising is not everyone’s cup of tea and can sometimes get complicated fast, you may need professional help from a renowned Google advertising agency Perth. In that case make sure you check out Dezign Digital, one of the finest web development company Perth. From keyword research to ad placement,we do it all at Dezign Digital.

5 Proven Strategies for Best Google Advertising Results

1. Understand What Your Customers / Target Market Are Looking For

Before planning a campaign, you should first prepare a list of keywords your customers might be looking for. For best results, make sure you choose keywords with the highest search volume throughout the year – The words the most people are typing into google looking for your market.   If you were a customer, what would you type into google?

Sometimes these keywords may be grammatically incorrect or in the form of long-tail questions. No matter what form it is in, you need to match the exact keywords in your campaign.

Did you know Dezign Digital specialises in keyword research. Our Search Engine Marketing (SEM)experts prepare a detailed list of popular evergreen keywords with a high conversion rate before every campaign, making our AdWords Perth and AdWords Adelaide service one of the best in the city.Also make sure yourAdWords expert never charge’s you a percentage fee on top of your ad spend!

2. Leverage Exact Match Technology

Exact match technology is a popular strategy in Google advertising where you want your ads to show up only when your user’s search exactly matches a given phrase. Google advertising works on a pay per click basis, paying you every time someone clicks on it even if they are casually browsing.

Exact match technology allows you to limit the number of users who can see your ads so that only the ones who are interested in your products are directed to click on them.

Planning Google advertising campaigns requires substantial industry knowledge to know what works and what doesn’t. And that’s exactly what our experts do. Don’t let the hassle of optimising your Google ads burden you. Just drop us a message and let us help you.

Did you know that Dezign Digital put all their customers in front of a firewall to prevent robot clicks?   We Geo-Block (block countries) where you nominate you don’t sell or market to.  This also increases security of the website.

3. Optimise Your Bids

There are hundreds of businesses in your vertical trying to rank for the same set of keywords that you are. So who gets the upper hand and better exposure? That depends on your bid optimisation.

Your bids decide the number of impressions and conversions you get and the total cost of acquisition.

Our Google AdWords Perth services also cover bid optimisation and placement so that you get the highest return on each investment. Efficient bid management also enhances budget management so that you don’t end up wasting your hard earned dollars on dead leads.

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4. Optimise Your Ad Copy

Brands never shy away from investing in Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Although it is a paid medium the competition is still high. So how do you stand out of the numerous Google ads and compel your customers to click though to your website? The secret lies in your ad copy.

People are too accustomed to Google results and their usual style and presentation. If you want to grab your customers’ attention, offer them something different.  For example, you can try using attention-grabbing words like “Limited offer” or “free trial” that gives you an extra edge over your competitors.  What is your equivalent “happy meal toy” that you can offer?

Are you wondering how to optimise your ad copy and crush the competition? Check out our copywriting service. Recognised as one of the fastest emerging  and Google advertising agency Adelaide, our comprehensive range of services covers every aspect of Google ads.

5. Create a Flawless Customer Journey

Let’s assume you manage to attract your customers to visit your website, but what’s next? The real challenge is to keep them hooked and register with your service. So once you’re done optimising your Google ads, make sure you create an equally flawless experience on the landing page.

Remove any possible jargon or hurdles that might confuse your leads and create a well-planned sequence of activities for your customers to follow.   For example at ClimateFrame we developed a system for the customer to leave their details and then book their own appointment time too!  This saves the business countless hours by automating these simple tasks.

If you want expert help in creating the perfect landing page for your leads (just like Power Physiotherapy), we are here to help. Just drop us a message or give us a call to get started.

Final Thoughts

Getting started with Google advertising can be a real challenge, especially for businesses with no prior experience. That’s why you need the professional expertise of our Google advertising and web development company Perth and Adelaide. With skilled experts, responsive staff and affordable pricing, we are revolutionising Google advertising.

So what are you waiting for? Reach out to us today on 1300977099, share your needs and supercharge your Google ads with us.

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