How the Right Branding Strategies Can Help Your Business Grow 

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When you start a business, normally your first focus is to spread the word about it. You may start off with Facebook and Instagram accounts adding your friends first obtain a following and then grow to get new customers. As you grow your business you also need to keep the bigger picture in mind and keep working on your company’s identity, messaging and branding.  

Effective branding doesn’t just popularise your brand, it can also boost your sales and increase those profit margins. In this month’s blog we will discuss the impact of effective branding strategies on business growth.  

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How the Right Branding Strategies Can Help Your Business Grow 

Branding is a set of techniques designed to leave a lasting impression on your customers and give your company a unique voice and personality worth remembering.  

Here are some correct branding techniques that we recommend to help your business grow: 

1. Establish Credibility

When customers have multiple options in front of them, they are most likely to choose the one that seems most credible (yes price is in there too)! The only way to build credibility as a brand is through effective branding

For example, Amazon, with its convenient customer service and clever marketing techniques, has established itself as a reliable brand. Customers especially those who are apprehensive of online transactions will be most likely to choose Amazon over all the other options due to its clever brand positioning.  

Similarly Dezign Digital stand behind their brand and web design Perth service helps you position your business and brand as a reliable entity that guarantees smooth service.  

Remember with established credibility you can then also grow margins.

2. Uniqueness should be easy to Remember

Another important part of branding is to give your company a uniqueness that sets you apart. For example, let’s assume you are opening a coffee shop. Now out of all the other alternatives that a target customer has, why should they choose you? What will make them remember your name? The answer is branding. 

For example, Starbucks popularised the unique tradition of writing down names on your coffee cup. Getting the names incredibly wrong funnily enough, gave them an edge over other coffee chains in the world of social media. People are always looking for post worthy content, and that’s what Starbucks cashed upon. (Important reader note – At Dezign Digital we still wouldn’t buy a Starbucks coffee … give us an Italian ristretto anytime out of the office Delonghi coffee machine but we digress)….  

If you are yet to find a unique sales proposition for your company, don’t worry anymore. Let our branding experts at Dezign Digital understand your needs. From Logo Design, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation Perth, Organic and paid marketing, we will design everything you need for a unique identity.  

Have a look how we have created value for many brands here.

3. Consistent Service 

If you want to carve out a niche for your brand, keep your services consistent. Think about what services your business can differentiate from others in your market. For example you may consider a faster turnaround service with regular extra courteous staff that have expert knowledge. This service you can price higher and increase your profit margins simply by prioritising work internally. 

Let take a look at another example, Myer is known for fast fashion, which is affordable yet trendy, with staff that lets you go about doing your own shopping. On the other hand, if you walk into a Gucci Store, you will find staff with expert knowledge who are a little too ready to help you part with your hard earned money. 

Comparable products, vastly different branding. In both cases, customers begin to relate this brand to a particular type of service. Hence, these brands have been successful in attracting a specific customer group. 

At Dezign Digital, we will lay down branding strategies that prevent your brand from mixing up your customer’s experience and ensure you stick to the brand’s original position. 

4. Emotional Connection 

Successful brands thrive on customer trust and loyalty. Naturally, effective branding requires you to create an emotional connection with your customers and build a relationship beyond transactions.  

For example, Nike aims to trigger a feeling of confidence and self-esteem among individuals. From its tagline “Just Do It”, to its ambassadors and advertising, everything has the same theme – upcoming leaders conquering the world. Naturally, customers who want to feel the same way about themselves are drawn to Nike.  

We understand that branding is not just about the image of your company a customer has in their mind, it’s also about how you as a brand make them feel. Just like any other relationship, if you make them feel good, they will keep coming to you. 

Our Branding and Digital Marketing services make their lives easy while our design agency Perth experts figure out the right emotional chord to strike. At Dezign Digital, we don’t get you leads, we would rather get you customers for life.

Bottom Line 

Branding doesn’t just give your brand a unique identity, it tells your customers and clients what to expect from you. Branding agency Perth and Adelaide Dezign Digital positions your brand as an expert in your chosen niche so that your target audience finds you dependable and worthy of their time. After all, who wouldn’t want to be in the good books of their returning customers? 

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