4 SEO Hacks to Shoot Up Your Search Engine Rank

4 SEO Hacks to Shoot Up Your Search Engine Rank

It has been proven time and again that Google’s first page receives the biggest chunk of the traffic (and therefore revenue). The higher you are on the page, the better your chances of attracting new leads. But with all these brands struggling to reach the same position, how can your brand make it to the first page of a search engine?

To help you boost your brand’s search engine rankings, today, we will share four super easy yet essential SEO hacks that are guaranteed to improve your search engine presence.

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4 Super Easy SEO Hacks To Shoot Up Your Search Engine Rankings

Search engines are still one of the most powerful marketing tools for your website. However, it can only bring your brand any real benefit if you can manage to rank on the first page.

Before you head over to our experts, you can make these easy changes in your content strategy to improve your overall search engine ranking organically. Let’s dive in:

1. Improve Your Website’s User Experience & Load Time

SEO is not just limited to your content and web design but also the overall experience you offer to your users. Websites that have a slow load time are often unable to retain visitors.

Tired of waiting, your visitors will quickly exit your site without delving deeper into your content. This will increase your website’s “bounce rate” (Bounce Rate is a metric that is defined as the percentage of visitors that leave a webpage without taking an action, such as clicking on a link, filling out a form, or making a purchase). This will lead Google to think that your content is not good enough to retain visitors and will push your website down the search engine results and limit your visibility.

The benchmark is your website should load in less than 2 seconds. If it does not 1 in 4 visitors will abandon the visit and 46% of users will not revisit it again. A 1 second delay reduces customer satisfaction by 16%! (Sources: LoadStorm, Econsultancy). Conversely Deloitte research says a 0.1 second improvement on a mobile site will increase retail conversions by 8.4%, increase average order value by 9.2% wow!

To change this perception and improve your website visitor retention, our digital marketing Perth agency personally optimises your content, website elements and remove unnecessary codes and bugs that could hamper your website’s speed. Dezign Digital ensure your website walks away with an “A” rating. You can even hold us to it!

2. Improve Dwell Time

Another metric often misunderstood or not measured is Dwell time. This is the length of time a person spends looking at a webpage after they have clicked a link. Just how high bounce rates tell Google that content is not good enough and people do not want to see your website (a negative metric), a higher dwell time indicates quality content that makes Google automatically rank you up (a positive metric).

Google realises the importance of content, embedded videos and detailed infographics on your blogs. Check out how Dezign Digital makes your website worth the attention.

Videos and infographics will not only simplify information exchange, but by keeping your customers hooked on to your page, you will help Google realise your potential.

Want more tips on your content strategy to hold on to your visitors? Drop us a message here anytime, we love to talk digital marketing 24/7 no obligation at all.

Another way to make Google understand your website’s importance and to rank you up fast is to help it see your website as an “authoritative website.” The only way to do so is to make other websites link back to you.

This will highlight you as a credible source, making Google believe that if so, many websites are citing you, your content must be excellent. However – there is a catch! Do not go overboard with backlinking and make sure the backlinks do not come from “toxic” websites. Remember Google is smart, and it will identify the difference between organic backlinks and spammy, low-quality backlinks.

Top tip – when you write a blog or article, always link to it on other websites and social media. Give your audience a snippet on these other websites, with the intention of drawing them back to your website as the final destination.

Our SEO Perth agency can help you create quality backlinks that get you on Google favourite’s list without coming off as spammy and unreliable.

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4. Partner With Other Creators

Attracting new visitors in the initial days of your website can be challenging. After all, not many people know about your website and Google will have a challenging time ranking websites that have poor traffic.

End this cycle of limited reach by partnering with other creators through guest blogs. Guest blogs remain one of the easiest, most effective, yet cheap methods to get guaranteed, real traffic. Or simply let the best advertising agency Perth do the work for you.

All that you have to do is find a dependable creator from your niche and get your blogs published on their website. Their readers will soon take notice of your website and pay you a visit leading to an organic traffic boost which will automatically make Google value your website more and push up its rank.

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Final Thoughts

Fighting your way through countless brands and competitors can be challenging without expert help. That is where our web development Perth agency steps in. Share your goals with us and let our experts take the reins and drive you to success.

Dezign Digital now offers a free no obligation audit of your marketing game. Let’s us provide some feedback on where you could be doing better and attracting more visitors. More visitors equal more revenue for you.

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