What Are The Best Free Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Tools for Beginners 

At Dezign Digital we want to share the knowledge – weird huh? An internal mantra is ‘we genuinely want your business to succeed.’  When you start your SEO journey, leveraging free tools can make your life so much easier. Even more so if our businesses are in the ‘start-up phase’ sometimes we neither have enough money or time, so these SEO tools (and a reliable SEO service Perth agency – hint hint) can help you out. Today’s blog will be about Dezign Digital’s top four free SEO Tools. 

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What are the 4 Best Free SEO Tools? 

1. Google Analytics  

The first step in guiding your business in the right direction is thoroughly understanding its current performance, strengths and shortcomings. The only way to get detailed analytics on your site for free is through Google Analytics. An accredited Google partner like Dezign Digital will help you understand the search engine better. 

Even if you manually count the views and shares your site gets, there are still many more parameters to consider. Google Analytics monitors your site 24/7, recording data on your audience, their age, location and gender, the type of device they are using, the time they spend on your website, your site’s average bounce rate and much much more. 

With this information, our SEO experts will help you create the perfect strategy aligned with your goals and user needs. 

2. Google AdWords Keyword Tool 

Organic SEO and Keywords are perhaps the first concept you learn with SEO. These are the keywords or key phrases that if someone typed into google you would want your website to appear. These keywords help the google algorithm understand if your content is fit for a user’s search query or not. What are these keywords, though, and how do you discover them? Try the Google AdWords keyword tool.  

The AdWords keyword tool will not only give you the list of keywords but also tell you the average global and local searches for the term and the competition on each keyword.  

Despite being a free tool, its advanced features make even a professional SEO company Perth turn to it. The tool does have a considerable learning curve, but that is its sole drawback. If you want an easier way out, contact Dezign Digital today. Our SEO experts take pride in running  detailed keyword research, finding what terms are easy to rank on and which attract the most users so that your content gets the maximum possible views. 

3. SEMrush 

A little competitive research is beneficial when it comes to SEO. You must understand what they have to offer to compete with them. 

SEMrush can be used to check the backlinks your competitor’s content has, the source of the backlinks and the authority of those linking sites to see if you can earn a few backlinks for yourself.  

One of the most difficult SEO tasks is building backlinks. It would be quite helpful to have a list of websites willing to link to your material. 

To get better results from SEMrush let us take over. Tools like these can find reliable sources for backlinking, but our SEO experts can get you a high-quality backlink from your desired page. Not sure how this works? Send us a messageand let us explain. 

4. AHREFs 

Jump onto AHREFs and get a free account. You can then create a project with your website for monitoring. Do a full site audit on your website and fix the issues brought to your attention to get into Google algorithm’s good books 

For example, if you have been doing a little research on SEO, you might have noticed that Google’s new policies prioritise the mobile version of your site more than the web version. So before optimising your content, ensure your site design passes Google’s mobile-friendly test

Not sure how to make your website more mobile-friendly? Leave it to us. Our seasoned SEO experts know what it takes to make a site user-friendly, especially on mobile devices. Book a consultation with us and watch your website visitors grow every minute.  

Bottom Line  

SEO will forever be dynamic. The user needs will keep changing and the search engine algorithms will keep adapting. Without a tool, dealing with these uncertainties will take a toll on your business. So make sure you equip yourself with powerful, free tools like these and join hands with Dezign Digital’s search engine optimisation service Perth to crush your competitors and be the number one choice for your target audience’s searches. 

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