Project Management

Dezign Digital is renowned for its project management services. Our team of action-orientated professionals will help you manage an array of critical projects and implement quality project management practices.

We have a pool of qualified developers and industry specialists who add their priceless expertise to complete the entire lifecycle of a project and provide long-term backend support.

With a stellar track record of successful projects for our clients, the project management consulting team in Perth has been able to set benchmarks in project delivery and quality. With our portfolio of projects we have established our expertise across several domains. Our focus on quality, timely delivery and client satisfaction has ensured that our clients continue to engage us for repeat projects.
Project Management Company Australia

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

A well-structured Enterprise Resource Plan (ERP) is critical to keeping your business’s components integrated and in sync. Our highly skilled team of developers can build the perfect ERP system for you with tailored solutions to your business problems.

Personalised ERP solutions

We create flexible ERP systems that cater to each department of your organisation. The systems are designed to automate essential processes and retain important data from past use and interaction to provide you with valuable insights.

ERP migration

Move all your confidential data from a range of systems, files, and storage to a common ERP powered database. We enable seamless transition of data securely across systems to improve your business operation.

ERP consultation

If you have an existing ERP system for your company, we can help you amplify its efficiency. Our skilled developers will evaluate the ERP system to remove any incompatible parts that may hinder the system’s performance.

Project services

Dezign Digital is known for its dynamic project services. Our comprehensive plans take care of all your projects right from the ideation stage to the execution and monitoring stage. Each step of your project is headed by a specialist in that domain. We aim to form a growth-enhancing partnership with you while managing each of your projects, providing peace of mind for a successful and harmonious future.

Project management consulting

Executing projects needs considerable planning and expertise. You need to consider the scope and requirements and align it with your operational limitations, resources, and goals. We take care of all this, and our specialists plan, design and execute the project in partnership with you.

Project development & execution

Our services are not limited to consulting alone. We also have a dedicated team of developers, designers, and industry experts who we can deploy to work on your project and manage everything associated with it. Our on-time deliveries and responsive approach is our trusted secret to completing hundreds of successful projects for more than 30 years.

Strategising based on evaluation

We believe in providing long-term support to our clients. That’s why we continue to provide on-demand backend support for every project. Our expert developers and analysts also study your current projects to identify room for improvement for the future.

Project strategy

Consumer demands and market trends keep changing, and to keep up with that, every business needs a support system that will help them cope with new challenges. At Dezign Digital, we help you amplify the success of each of your projects with the assistance of our industry specialists and extensive market research.

We assist you in planning and executing each step of your project to maximise the return on your investment. Once the project is launched, we can happily provide on-demand strategy support to keep the software up and running and launch smarter future products.

Preliminary market research

Before we embark on any project with you, our industry specialists thoroughly research the market and your competitors to design an appropriate product strategy. These strategies are further used in the project development stage to meet the desired results that will help you surpass the competition.

Result evaluation & analysis

Our project strategies aren’t solely limited to research and advice. We believe in evaluating the results of each of your projects and use the recorded data to implement upgrades or develop better strategies for future products.


Customer focused strategies play a crucial role in improvising brand-to-customer interaction. Our strategies embed customer satisfaction and assistance as an integral part of your business operations.

Providing structured CRM systems

We only design the best CRM systems. The CRM systems that we choose will help you build customer relationships to boost sales and deliver results. Our team also tracks and records all customer-related data to help you level up your service.

Integrating the system

After creating a suitable CRM system, we integrate it into your company’s network so that each department gets a holistic view of it. We aim to provide long-term solutions and will train your employees to use the system effectively.

Long-term support

Our responsibility does not end at successful implementation of the CRM systems. We are more than happy to provide long-term support for CRM through technical assistance, daily use, and strategising for future requirements.

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