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Xsights Digital

Xsights Digital is a major innovator in animal health monitoring. They entrusted Dezign Digital with the task of creating a compelling website to showcase their revolutionary product, the patented Xiot Health Tag®. Beyond highlighting their groundbreaking technology, the website needed to emphasise awards, collaborations, partnerships, and actively encourage potential clients to reach out for further engagement.

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The Client

Since incorporation, Xsights has developed scalable ‘plug and play’ solutions that collect valuable real-time location data on assets using Internet of Things (loT) devices, offered as a SaaS (‘Sensing as a Service’) subscription. Xsights is committed to raising awareness for our award winning Xsights IoT Tag (XIoT), for the global agricultural industry, as a scalable solution, for Provenance & Traceability of Agrifood, and Health & Welfare Monitoring of Livestock.

The Project

Our collaboration with Xsights Digital involved designing a WordPress website that not only effectively presented the Xiot Health Tag® but also communicated the company’s achievements, collaborations, and its commitment to advancing animal health monitoring.

Product Showcase:
The website prominently featured the Xiot Health Tag®, detailing its patented application process and the comprehensive data sets it collects. Engaging visuals, infographics, and descriptive content were employed to effectively communicate the product’s features and benefits.

Awards and Recognition:
We dedicated a section to showcase Xsights Digital’s awards, underlining their industry recognition and expertise. Visual elements, accompanied by succinct descriptions, effectively communicated the company’s achievements.

Collaborations and Partnerships:
A dedicated space highlighted Xsights Digital’s collaborative efforts and partnerships within the industry. This section aimed to instill confidence in potential clients by showcasing the company’s network and collaborative approach to innovation.

Contact and Inquiry Form:
Strategic placement of contact information and a user-friendly inquiry form encouraged potential clients to reach out for further information or collaborations. Clear calls-to-action guided visitors through the process of initiating contact with Xsights Digital.

Responsive Design:
Recognising the diverse audience accessing the website, we ensured a responsive design, allowing for optimal viewing and interaction on various devices, including desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Machine Learning and AI Insights:
To convey the complexity and power of Xsights Digital’s technology, we implemented sections explaining the machine learning and AI insights generated by the Xiot Health Tag®. Clear language and visuals were used to demystify the technology for a broader audience.

The final result is a dynamic WordPress website that effectively positions Xsights Digital as an industry leader in animal health monitoring. By showcasing their product, highlighting achievements, collaborations, and fostering easy communication, the website serves as a powerful tool to engage potential clients and partners. Our design approach reflects Xsights Digital’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of animal health monitoring.

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