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Wrist + Hand Institute

Wrist + Hand Institute, a distinguished physical therapy clinic specialising in hand and wrist conditions, enlisted our services for a specific task – the seamless conversion of their existing Umbraco website to WordPress. The primary objective was to replicate the look and functionality of their Umbraco site in WordPress, ensuring a smooth transition without any redesign.

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The Client

Founded by Mr Jeff Ecker, the Wrist + Hand Institute is at the forefront of the management of hand and wrist injuries and conditions. We pride ourselves on providing patient-centred, evidence-based care to achieve the best possible outcomes.

The Institute is committed to research, development and training to ensure the treatment options offered are the latest and best available. Our surgeons contribute regularly to national and international surgical conferences and continue to publish groundbreaking research in scientific peer-reviewed journals.

The Project

Our project with Wrist + Hand Institute involved a meticulous conversion process, focusing on maintaining the identical appearance and functionality of their original Umbraco website. While there were no design modifications, our goal was to ensure a faithful replication of the existing user experience and content structure.

We began by conducting a comprehensive analysis of the Umbraco site, mapping out key elements, content, and features that needed to be replicated in the WordPress environment. Our development team then meticulously recreated each aspect, paying close attention to details to ensure a pixel-perfect match.

The WordPress site was built to mirror the layout, structure, and navigation of the Umbraco site precisely. Specialised features, such as appointment scheduling forms and interactive elements, were recreated to function seamlessly, maintaining the clinic’s ability to engage with patients effectively.

During the migration process, a paramount focus was placed on data integrity, ensuring that healthcare information, patient resources, and contact details were accurately transferred. We also ensured that the transition did not adversely impact the site’s search engine rankings, preserving the clinic’s online visibility.

The final result is a WordPress website that faithfully reproduces the appearance and functionality of the original Umbraco site. This approach allows Wrist + Hand Institute to benefit from the advantages of the WordPress platform while preserving the familiar user experience for both existing and new visitors. Our commitment to a precise and accurate conversion underscores our dedication to meeting our clients’ specific requirements.

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