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Lapping the Island

Lapping The Island, a family that embarked on a journey to travel all around Australia, approached us to create a small website to document their adventure. The primary goal was to showcase their travel blog, sharing insights, experiences, and anecdotes from their trip.

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The Client

Our plan is to give up the conventional way of life, become minimalistic, hit the road for freedom and adventure exploring all of this beautiful island we call home, AUSTRALIA. All while creating precious memories as a family.

The Project

Our collaboration with Lapping The Island involved the development of a compact website that effectively captured the essence of their family adventure and allowed them to share their travel blog with a broader audience.

Blog Integration:
The core of the website was the integration of a blog section. This served as a platform for Lapping The Island to share their travel stories, experiences, and insights. Each blog post was organised chronologically, allowing visitors to follow the family’s journey from start to finish.

Map and Itinerary:
An interactive map showcasing the route and itinerary of their journey was incorporated into the website. This provided a visual representation of the places they visited and the route they took, offering a comprehensive overview for visitors.

Photo Galleries:
Photo galleries were created to complement the blog posts, allowing Lapping The Island to share visual highlights from their travels. This added a personal and immersive touch to their storytelling.

Family Introduction:
An introduction section about the family, including a brief background, the purpose of their journey, and what inspired them to take on this adventure, was included. This created a personal connection with visitors.

Responsive Design:
The website was designed with a responsive layout to ensure optimal viewing and interaction across various devices, catering to users accessing the site from desktop computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

Social Media Integration:
Social media links and integration allowed Lapping The Island to connect with their audience on various platforms, facilitating the sharing of their travel experiences and expanding their online community.

Contact and Interaction:
Contact information and ways for visitors to interact, such as leaving comments on blog posts or reaching out directly, were included. This encouraged engagement and allowed the family to connect with their readers.

Travel Tips and Recommendations:
A section for travel tips and recommendations was integrated into the website, providing practical insights for readers who might be planning similar journeys or seeking advice on specific destinations.

The final result is a charming and user-friendly website that effectively captures the spirit of Lapping The Island’s family adventure. The integration of the blog, interactive map, photo galleries, and personal introductions creates a holistic experience for visitors, allowing them to vicariously enjoy the family’s journey. The responsive design ensures accessibility, and social media integration provides opportunities for further engagement and community building.

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