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KCL Law, a dynamic and forward-thinking legal firm, approached us with a specific requirement – a complete overhaul of their existing website. Dissatisfied with the limitations of their current Umbraco-based platform, KCL Law sought a more user-friendly and scalable solution. Their primary goal was to enhance the overall user experience, improve site performance, and streamline content management.

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The Client

KCL Law is a medium-size, Melbourne law firm led by a diverse and progressive group of expert lawyers. We provide quality advice and deliver highly strategic outcomes to our clients — achieved by a balance of expert legal acumen, creative thinking and informed commercial insight — in a concise and accessible manner.

The Project

In response to KCL Law’s needs, we undertook a comprehensive rebuild of their website, transitioning from Umbraco to WordPress. The project involved meticulous planning and collaboration to ensure a seamless migration of content and functionality. Our team focused on creating a modern, responsive design that not only met the client’s aesthetic preferences but also prioritised user accessibility. Leveraging the flexibility and extensibility of WordPress, we implemented customised features tailored to KCL Law’s unique requirements.

The migration process involved careful data transfer and optimisation to maintain search engine rankings and ensure a smooth transition for existing users. We also integrated robust security measures to safeguard sensitive legal information. Throughout the development phase, we engaged in regular consultations with KCL Law to gather feedback and refine the website according to their evolving preferences.

The result is a sleek and intuitive WordPress website that not only aligns with KCL Law’s brand identity but also provides an enhanced user experience. The transition from Umbraco to WordPress has empowered KCL Law with a more user-friendly content management system, enabling them to update and manage their online presence effortlessly. The successful collaboration between our team and KCL Law underscores our commitment to delivering tailored solutions that meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

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