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Horizon Point

Horizon Point, a reputable management consulting firm specialising in strategy, policy, governance, and risk management, engaged Dezign Digital to create a WordPress branding website that effectively showcases its services. The primary goal was to communicate their expertise in advisory and professional development services across diverse sectors such as government, not-for-profits, transport, infrastructure, ICT, and health sciences. The website needed to serve as a platform to encourage potential clients to explore their services further and facilitate easy contact.

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The Client

Horizon Point provides management consulting services to help our clients develop and execute their plans.
We focus on strategy, policy, governance and risk management and provide both advisory and professional development services.

Our sector experience includes government, transport and infrastructure, and not-for-profits among others.

The Project

Our collaboration with Horizon Point involved the development of a WordPress website designed to highlight their management consulting services and sector-specific expertise.

Service Showcase:
We created dedicated sections to comprehensively showcase Horizon Point’s range of management consulting services. Each service, including strategy development, policy formulation, governance, and risk management, received detailed attention with clear explanations of their approach and methodologies.

Sector Expertise:
A distinct feature of the website focused on Horizon Point’s extensive sector experience. We highlighted their proficiency in government, not-for-profits, transport, infrastructure, ICT, health sciences, and other sectors through informative content and relevant case studies.

Advisory and Professional Development Services:
A clear distinction was made between Horizon Point’s advisory services and professional development offerings. This allowed visitors to understand the breadth of services available and choose the approach that best suited their needs.

Call-to-Action for Contact:
To encourage engagement, we strategically placed calls-to-action throughout the website, prompting visitors to get in touch with Horizon Point for further discussions. Contact forms and contact details were easily accessible, facilitating a seamless connection between the firm and potential clients.

Responsive Design:
We ensured that the website was optimised for responsiveness, providing an optimal viewing experience across various devices. This included desktop computers, tablets, and mobile phones, catering to users with different preferences.

Examples and Success Stories:
Examples and success stories were integrated to provide credibility and showcase the positive impact of Horizon Point’s services on past clients. This added a personal touch, allowing potential clients to envision the benefits of partnering with the firm.

Blog and Resources Section:
A blog and resources section was implemented to share industry insights, thought leadership, and relevant resources. This demonstrated Horizon Point’s commitment to staying current in their field and providing valuable information to their audience.

The final result is a visually appealing and informative WordPress website that effectively communicates Horizon Point’s management consulting expertise and sector-specific experience. The emphasis on clear calls-to-action and client testimonials encourages potential clients to explore their services further and initiate meaningful conversations. The website serves as a powerful tool in positioning Horizon Point as a trusted partner for organisations seeking strategic guidance and management consulting services.

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