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First Aid Certified

First Aid Certified, a prominent provider of first aid courses, enlisted our expertise to establish a compelling online presence that would attract both individual customers and businesses seeking corporate training events. The primary goal was to create a WordPress website that effectively showcased their services and facilitated easy navigation for visitors. Notably, the client integrated an external course booking platform, and our task was to seamlessly embed it within the website.

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The Client

With over 20 years of personal experience in the allied health education industry, First Aid Certified is acutely aware of how important first aid education is to corporate, industry groups and the community. We offer an extensive range of competitively priced accredited first aid courses throughout Perth, WA.

The Project

Understanding the unique requirements of First Aid Certified, we designed a WordPress website that emphasised a clean and informative layout. Recognising the integration of an external course booking platform, our focus was on creating a user-friendly interface that seamlessly incorporated the booking functionality.

The homepage featured engaging visuals and concise content, immediately communicating the importance of first aid training. A prominent section directed users to the embedded course booking platform, facilitating a smooth transition for those interested in registering for individual courses.

For businesses seeking corporate training, we dedicated a section that outlined the benefits of partnering with First Aid Certified, providing clear calls-to-action for inquiries and customised training solutions. Multimedia elements, including videos and testimonials, were strategically placed to enhance user engagement.

Given the client’s specific choice of an external booking system, we ensured that the embedded iframe seamlessly integrated with the overall design, maintaining a cohesive user experience. The website was optimised for search engines, directing potential customers to the site where they could easily access and utilise the course booking functionality.

The final product is a WordPress website that effectively highlights the services offered by First Aid Certified, providing a seamless transition to the external course booking platform. This approach ensures a streamlined user journey, whether individuals are seeking personal training or businesses are interested in corporate events. Our commitment to adapting to the client’s specific needs is reflected in the cohesive integration of the external booking system within the overall website design.

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