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Born to Sing

Born To Sing, a vibrant community choir fostering connection, joy, and well-being through the power of singing, approached us with a multifaceted goal. Their vision included upgrading their existing website to not only promote meeting locations and sell merchandise but also facilitate ticket sales for their renowned ‘Born To Sing 1,000 Voice Choir’ performances – a charitable endeavour aimed at bringing people together through music.

Dezign Digital was engaged to promote the choir using social media marketing and ad strategy through Facebook and Instagram. We sold out tickets for both singers and the audience within a couple of months.

Dezign Digital was able to influence brand awareness, increasing revenue and sales, achieving a return on investment (ROI) of 11.66 per 1 dollar spent.
Building on this success Dezign Digital recently completed a new website for Born to Sing, developing a ticketing system for online ticket sales. We are now in the planning stages to create another BTS1000 in 2024 and are also in contact with the United Arab Emirates to go global!

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The Client

Since its inception in 2008, Born To Sing has raised over $250,000 to donate to various charitable causes such as survivors of bushfires, Cancer Council Relay For Life, Red Cross Blood Bank, Mission Australia and Variety – the Children’s Charity.

Born to Sing has performed at The Perth Fringe Festival, for the Australian Army Nurses, Guildford Songfest, Dunsborough Songfest, Carols By Candlelight with the Variety Youth Choir at Langley Park to an audience of over 20,000.

In 2023, we created the Born To Sing 1,000 Voice Choir that performed a wonderful sell-out concert at the Perth Concert Hall. We are now in the planning stages to create another 1,000 Voice Choir in 2024.

The Project

Our collaboration with Born To Sing involved a comprehensive upgrade of their website, aligning with their mission to create a harmonious platform for individuals seeking musical expression, social connection, and mental well-being.

Meeting Locations:
We strategically highlighted the choir’s meeting locations, providing a user-friendly interface that allowed visitors to easily find and join their preferred singing sessions. Interactive maps, schedule details, and engaging visuals were incorporated to enhance the user experience and encourage participation.

Merchandise Sales:
A dedicated section was created to showcase Born To Sing’s merchandise, allowing choir members and supporters to explore and purchase items directly through the website. Seamless integration with e-commerce functionality ensured a straightforward and secure shopping experience.

1,000 Voice Choir Performances:
For the ‘Born To Sing 1,000 Voice Choir’ performances, we implemented a robust ticketing system. Visitors could easily browse upcoming events, select preferred seating options, and securely purchase tickets online. Clear calls-to-action guided users through the ticketing process, making it simple for participants to join the larger choir and contribute to charitable causes.

Community Connection and Well-being:
Emphasising the community aspect, we integrated features that allowed members to connect online, share their experiences, and foster a sense of belonging. Information on the mental well-being benefits of singing together was prominently featured to encourage participation.

Responsive Design:
Recognising the diversity of users, we ensured that the website was optimised for various devices, providing an equally enjoyable experience on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.

The final result is a dynamic WordPress website that not only serves as an informative platform for Born To Sing’s community but also facilitates seamless interaction, merchandise sales, and ticketing for their iconic ‘1,000 Voice Choir’ performances. The upgraded website aligns with Born To Sing’s mission, creating a digital space as harmonious and engaging as their musical community.

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