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Arus Group

Arus Group, a dedicated supplier of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and industrial apparel, entrusted us with the task of creating a WordPress website that reflects their commitment to providing quality products, fostering indigenous employment, prioritizing safety, and delivering exceptional service. As a Supply Nation registered organization, Arus Group has a strong focus on empowering indigenous Australians in business and exceeding safety standards while offering swift and reliable deliveries.

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The Client

Arus is founded and co-owned by indigenous business owner Shaz Rind (founder of Arra Group Pty Ltd) and Tyler Bain (founder and owner, Certus Group of Companies Pty Ltd), with the vision to be a more productive and responsive conduit between the end user and a quality product manufacturer, while engaging our indigenous workforce at every level of the supply chain.

The Project

Our collaboration with Arus Group involved the development of a WordPress website that not only showcased their extensive range of PPE and industrial apparel but also communicated their unique values and commitments.

The design of the website emphasized a clean and professional aesthetic, with a user-friendly interface for seamless navigation. A dedicated section highlighted Arus Group’s dedication to supporting indigenous Australians in business, emphasizing the real opportunities provided to the indigenous community within the company. This section served as a testament to Arus Group’s status as a Supply Nation registered organization.

The safety-focused aspect of Arus Group’s mission was integrated into the website’s content, emphasizing their commitment to not just meeting but surpassing Australian safety standards. This messaging was strategically placed to instill confidence in potential clients regarding the quality and reliability of Arus Group’s products.

To showcase their commitment to efficient service, we emphasized Arus Group’s fast and reliable delivery compared to industry standards. This information was prominently displayed, providing a clear competitive advantage for clients seeking timely and dependable supplies.

Throughout the website development, our focus was on creating a platform that not only showcased the product catalog but also effectively communicated Arus Group’s core values and differentiators. The final WordPress website embodies Arus Group’s dedication to excellence, safety, indigenous empowerment, and efficient service, making it a comprehensive digital representation of their brand.

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